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The various seasoning flavors

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-06

Food ingredients are very important for different kind of seasoning flavor. With the development of instant noodles, the need of consumer for flavor increases day by day.

A bag of good quality instant noodles need not only good noodles but also a bag of seasoning with good flavor. The development of mixed seasoning in our country starts late, but with a fast speed, now there are various kinds of mixed seasoning in the market, like chicken powder, fresh MSG, soy sauce powder flavor and so on.

Mixed seasoning is blended by different kinds of food ingredients, these ingredients give the seasoning some special flavor like salty, sour, chili, umami, etc. The traditional seasoning is made by a single ingredient like soy sauce, vinegar, etc. these are called basic seasoning.

Mixed seasoning is made by basic seasoning and other auxiliary food ingredients in a certain proportion. The most often used basic seasoning by manufactures are soy sauce powder, HVP powder and vegetable powder. You may have taste garlic flavor or onion flavor biscuits, they are made with garlic powder or onion powder in it, while garlic powder and onion powder are both vegetable powder. People can make a lot of seasoning flavor with these food ingredients.

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