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Beef seasoning powder of Shanghai Hensin Industry

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-07

Beef seasoning powder

The function of beef seasoning powder is the same as beef stock cube. You may use beef stock cube in your kitchen very often, well, beef seasoning powder is just another kind of beef stock cube, but just in powder form. Beef is widely consumed in the Middle East, Europe, Australia and the Americas, so as the beef seasoning powder. As a beef flavor enhancer, beef seasoning powder is widely used in cooking dishes, soup, hamburgers, blend seasonings, noodles, rice meal, etc.


Beef seasoning powder is a kind of flavor enhancer, it is widely used in home cooking, food industry and other aspects. The usage of beef seasoning powder is very similar to chicken powder, which is a kind of very famous Asian seasoning. You can add proper of it to your dishes to make it taste like beef. Many beef flavor snacks like potato chips, shrimp chips, biscuits and others contain a certain amount of beef seasoning powder.

Ingredients and nutrition

The ingredients of beef seasoning powder in Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd. are pure beef powder, MSG, salt, sugar, I+G, soy sauce powder, garlic powder, onion powder and so on. Pure beef powder contains a lot of minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium and phosphorous, it also contains lots of vitamin B, creatine and carnitine.

Thos try to avoid eating MSG may not want to consume our beef seasoning powder.

The salt concentration of our beef seasoning powder is about 40%, so please pay attention when you use it.

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