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Food ingredients used in snacks

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-09

Look at the package of your snacks, you will find the most often used food ingredients on it.

1, swelling agent: Sodium (or potassium, ammonium) bicarbonate, light calcium carbonate, aluminium potassium sulfate are all swelling agent that most often used in snacks. Swelling agent is often used in baking products, it can not only enhance the flavor but also make the food easier to be digested by human body.

2, HVP powder, the flavor enhancer. HVP powder contains 8 kinds of the essential amino acid of human body, it can enhance the umami flavor of food. When mixed with yeast extract in a proper proportion, it can form a lot of flavor.

3, yeast extract, the natural high quality flavor. With the advanced technology, we get protein, nucleic acid from yeast, through drying process, they are made into powder, liquid or other form. It contains lots of nutrition.

4, chicken powder, the chicken flavor enhancer. Use fresh chicken, bone extract and fat as the main material, through steaming, maillard reaction and other process, we get it in powder form.

5, soy sauce powder, a umami flavor enhancer. Use fresh liquid soy sauce as material, through drying process and made into powder form.

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