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How to use chicken stock cube

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-12

chicken stock cube

Chicken stock cube is a very important seasoning and widely used in many meals, such as chicken, dumplings, noodles and chicken soup. Chicken stock cube is very easy to use, it has the same formula as chicken powder, sometime, you can replace chicken powder with it. Get some chicken stock cubes prepared in your kitchen will make it very convenient when you are making meals with chicken flavor.

Step 1 The amount of chicken stock cube

How many people do you want to prepare your meals for? 1.5 liter soup is enough for two

persons, which need a piece of 10 gram chicken stock cube. Check your recipe, use proper amount of chicken stock cubes.

Step 2 The amount of water

1.5 liter water need a piece of 10 gram chicken stock cube.

Step 3 Boil the water

Boil the water to boiling.

Step 4 Add chicken stock cube

Add chicken stock cube to the boiling water and fully stir till the cubes are dissolved.

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