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The raw material of HVP powder

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HVP powder

The most important flavor of HVP powder is its umami and fresh flavor. Among all the amino acid, the umami and fresh flavor of glutamic acid is the strongest. So, the raw material of HVP powder should be cheap, origin various and contains a high glutamic acid concentration. The suitable materials are soy beans, peanut meal and wheat gluten. The concentrations of glutamic acid of them are 18.4, 19.3, 32.5. Wheat gluten contains high protein concentration and little carbohydrates and fats, it is the most ideal raw material, but it’s price is higher than others, in general, most manufacturers would use soy beans and peanut meal as material. The product name is hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder, shortly HVP powder.

To hydrolyze protein, you can use protease or HCl. The protease has a high specificity, the purity of HVP powder hydrolyzed by protease is higher than HCl. But the time it used by protease is much longer than HCl, which will cause the bad smell. However, the time of HCl will be much shorter, the bad smell is not so strong. Consider the efficiency, most manufacturers would use HCl to hydrolyze to make HVP powder.

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