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HVP powder as seasoning

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HVP powder

In food industry, HVP powder is a very important seasoning. It is used as a kind of food ingredients in flavors, seasoning blends, etc. Soy beans contain a lot of protein, when hydrolyzed by acid, the protein will be in parts as amino acids and peptides, at the same time, HVP powder has better solubleness, viscosity, foaminess and emulsibility than protein powder. HVP powder has a special fresh flavor, it is widely used in food industry.

The main material of HVP powder is defatted soy bean. By the acid hydrolyzation method, via hydrolyzation, neutralization, filter, decoloration, deodorization and spray drying process, soy bean is made into HVP powder. HVP powder is a kind of natural seasoning, it contains 17 kinds of free amino acids and 7 kinds of essential amino acids. HVP powder is widely used in canned food, meat products, aquatic food, healthy food, pickle and instant noodle seasoning bag. Due to the high concentration of amino acids and peptides, HVP powder has a strong fresh and umami flavor, the advantages of it is much more than MSG.

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