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Puffed food seasoning

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-16

The puffed food seasoning is developing rapidly. With the development of society and people’s living standard, people’s demand about puffed food seasoning is increasing quickly. Puffed food seasoning is made from various food ingredients. Just mix these food ingredients in a proper proportion, you can get different flavor seasoning. Different food ingredients play different role in the flavor, if you know about the food ingredients well enough, you can make the ideal flavor you want.

There are many kinds of food ingredients used to produce seasoning. It may be categorized by it’s flavor like salty, sweet, fresh, spice, color and filler. The amount it used decides the main flavor of it.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd. is a professional natural food ingredients supplier. We supply good quality HVP powder, soy sauce powder, rice vinegar powder, spray dried garlic powder and spray dried onion powder. These are good food ingredients used in puffed seasoning.

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