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Different production of soy sauce powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-19

soy sauce powder

Soy sauce powder is made from soy sauce, while, there are a lot kinds of soy sauce if categorized by the way of production, so there are different kinds of soy sauce powder too.

Natural sun dried soy sauce. This is the traditional way of Chinese people to produce soy sauce. It is made from soy beans and wheat. The leaven it used is not artificial but from the air. The production of sun dried soy sauce can’t be finished in all the seasons of the year. The device it used is bamboo basket.

Thin dregs fermentation soy sauce. There is a high salt concentration in thin dregs fermentation soy sauce. There are room temperature fermentation and high temperature fermentation. In the room fermentation, it will take 6 months to finish the production, while it only takes 2 months in the high temperature fermentation.

Different states fermentation soy sauce. Under the different temperature, salt concentration, status ( solid or liquid) and sugar concentration, we will get different kind of soy sauce.  High salt liquid state soy sauce is also called Japanese soy sauce, because Japanese soy sauce is often produced in high salt concentration and liquid state.

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