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FIC exihibition

Number of visits: Date:2013-04-08

On 26th-28th March, the 17th  Chinese food additives and condiment exihibition also the 23th  Chinese food additives production and application technology exihibition was held in Shanghai. Over one thousand companies all over the world take active part in the exhibition. They bring top condiment production and development technology and make a great contribution to food development.

Food ingredients and condiment of China which is short for FIC, is the biggest, most professional, most comparable food exihibition of Asian, it leads the way of food development. The importance of this year is functional food and food safety technology, it represents a company’s strength and image. A lot of company take their healthy products here, such as DMK from German, the biggest dairy maker of German.

As we know, there are 1179 companies and brands take part in the exhibition to show their most popular products and newest technology. The charactristics of this year’s exhibition is the specialization and extensive of the company and their products. it seems that most company have done a good job. We hope from this exhibition they can learn from each other and creat more good production.

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