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HAP powder

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HAP powder, which is short for hydrolyzed animal protein powder, it is made from by-products of poultry, processed aquatic products, gelatin, hair, bone or casein. Via acid hydrolyzation or enzymatic hydrolysis, the proteins in the above materials are hydrolyzed into small molecule amino acid or poplypeptide.



HAP powder is made from meat (chicken, pork, beef, etc.) product, it has a thick, natural and fresh meat (chicken, pork, beef, etc.) flavor. Through proper blending it with other seasoning and spices, it gives out all it’s meat taste.

Rich nutrition

In HAP powder, large molecule protein is hydrolyzed into small molecule amino acid and polypeptide, which make it easier for human body to digest it.

Steady quality and various usage

Can be heated in high centigrade and keep it’s flavor after cool. It’s is suitable for microwave foods, frozen foods, fried foods, canned foods and low pH foods. As a kind of powder product, it is of high water solubility. No matter in powder form products or sauces, it can be used without limited. When blended with other food ingredients, it can form various flavor.

Application in instant noodles

With the development of food ingredients both at home and abroad, MSG, salt and oil is not enough for the seasoning bag in instant noodles. Through several updates, HVP powder, yeast extract, chicken powder, rice vinegar powder and meat extract are used more often. The application of HAP powder bring thick and nature meat flavor to instant noodles.

Prospects of HAP powder

HAP powder can not only be used in instant noodles but also in various puffed foods, biscuits, chicken powder and other industry. With the application of new technology such as microcapsulary technology, the quality of HAP powder can be increased to another level and there will be various kinds of HAP powder.

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