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FIC will once again hold the factory's focus

Number of visits: Date:2013-04-09


  • The largest and most authoritative international show on food additives & ingredients industry in Asia: over 1000 exhibitors from more than 20 countries build a strong and reliable platform for communication and create more opportunities for companies’ development against the economic crisis.
  • Focusing on leading companies and displaying the latest products and techniques: manufacturerds taking up 90% of exhibitors and excellent export-oriented companies show the frontiers of product and technology and the prospect of the development trend.
  • More inclusive: 23 categories of food additives,34 categories of food ingredients and food processing aide, as well as equipment, machinery and media agents provide comprehensive and different products and service.
  • Promoting food safety: inspire the thinking of food safety control and enterprise’s morality and stress on the promotion of equipment and techniques applicable to the food safety.
  • Highlighting the natural, nutritious, healthy and functional food to boost the food quality and safety: 50% products are made from natural extracts meeting the demand of the market.
  • Gathering leading export-oriented companies as a global trade fair: best export-oriented companies in China supply products and service with high quality and reasonable price.
  • Professional activities: alongside FIC 2013, series of academic conferences and technical seminars update the latest news on food science and technology and make solutions for company’s sustainable development.

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