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Bouillon cubes

Number of visits: Date:2013-05-09

It is said that the generation of bouillon cube is because of a French man. One day he wants to take his children out for a picnic, and make them delicious soup, so he thinks about the fish soup he made yesterday. He takes some fish gel and put it in the soup when picnic, thus the bouillon cubes come into being.

The main ingredients in bouillon soup are salt, MSG, spice, natural color, etc. there are three kinds of bouillon cubes in Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd: chicken bouillon cube, beef bouillon cube, shrimp bouillon cube which can enhance each meat flavor. Bouillon cubes make it easier for people making soup. The usage of bouillon cube is very simple: just put it into soup or dishes, you can get a delicious meal.

Because of the delicious flavor and simply practice, bouillon cubes is very popular among the world. The bouillon cubes made in China are mostly exported to Africa, especially west Africa. Before 2008, the financial crisis, bouillon cubes of our company had been exported to many Africa countries, after that, we narrow down our business. Now, in 2013, we hope to expand our business at overseas and look forward to establishing a long term business relationship with a foreign business partner.

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