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Spray dried onion powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-05-17

Onion powder has a high nutrition value. It contains a lot of calcium and sulphide and is efficiently in preventing osteoporosis and cancer. It also can be used to prevent cold because it contains a lot allicin, which is very good for your cardiovascular.

Onion powder can be both used as seasoning and health care product. It is very popular among occident and is widely used in bread, pasta, sauces, fast food, biscuits. The smell of onion is pungent, so housewives always use onion powder to take place of onion. As a health care product, it can be used in foods for children and old man.

Because the effective element is evaporable, so how to keep the effective element is the key point when produce onion powder. Tradition hot air drying method is not very good at this point. The best way to produce good quality onion powder is freeze drying, however it cost too much. The appropriate way is spray drying.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd use spray drying to produce onion powder, it cut the cost and also keep part of the effective element.


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