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seasoning cube

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Seasoning cube, namely bouillon cube or stock cube. It’s function equals to chicken powder, they share the same ingredients: salt, MSG, sugar, natural color, spices, etc. It is mainly used to make instant home cooking meals.

It is said that seasoning cube was invented by a French man, who’s name is Hu Bin. One early morning in 1831, Hu Bin was thinking about giving his kids a great picnic, all of a sudden, he thought of the fish soup left yesterday, which was now a soup cube. He took the fish soup cube to the picnic, and it turned out the kids liked it very much. The fish bouillon cube may be the very first seasoning cube in the history. It may be a little farfetched, but the seasoning cube is a simple product indeed. In the later 1908, Mr. Maggi from Switzerland put it into commercial production and it is well received by it’s clients. In 2003, seasoning cube was brought in China.


Put it into water or soup directly or you can just crumble it and put it into your meals


10g seasoning cube with 1.5 litter water or soup.

The main market of seasoning cube: Africa, especially west Africa; south America, south-east Asia, etc.

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