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Usage of soy sauce powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-06-24

Soy sauce powder, due to the special umami flavor, it is well received by the clients. It is widely used in home cooking and food factories.

There are two main ways of using soy sauce powder: the one is used as food ingredients, the other one is used to make liquid soy sauce. As a kind of food ingredient, it is widely used in spicy sauces, bakery sauces, meat items, snacks, etc. While to make liquid soy sauce, you need add proper water and salt to it.

The standard of spray dried natural fermented soy sauce powder can meet most clients’ hygiene and flavor demands, it can be eaten directly without any heating processing. However, to longer the shelf life, soy sauce powder used to make liquid soy sauce should heat to boiling.

Shanghai Hensin Industry, which has 11 years’ experience of producing and selling soy sauce powder, we have made our price the cheapest in China with our mature technology.

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