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Chinese HVP powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-06-26

HVP powder namely hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder. The output of China HVP is the largest in the world. The technology of producing HVP powder is invented by Japanese, now the production technology of Japan, Korea, America is the best. However, because the cost of producing HVP powder in developed countries is too high and the technology in undeveloped countries is not mature, so developing countries are taking in charge of most production of HVP powder, like China is a HVP powder production country.

white HVP powderHVP powder

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd, to meet most clients’ needs, we use non-GMO soy, wheat, corn and other raw material. There are many HVP powder manufacturers in China which are well known in the world, such as waychein, salion, etc. With decades experience, the technology of large HVP manufacturer in China is mature enough, so the price is the most important competitive factors. The CEO of our company, Mr. Lianghong Jin was in charge of big food companies (such as Korean Desang, Beijing Salion, etc) before he established our company. In 2002, with rich experience and good reputation, Mr. Jin found his own company—Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd.

To keep being at the HVP powder production technology frontier, we set our R&D department in Korea, with continuous technology update and experience, we have successfully made our price the cheapest. In the respect of quality, it tastes just as the top brands in the world.

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