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Chinese people use seasoning cubes to make hot pot

Number of visits: Date:2013-06-27

African people use seasoning cubes to make dishes, while Chinese people use it to make hot pot. Some people may be not familiar with hot pot, well, we can say it is a kind of soup, you can stew foods while eating. It is very popular in China, Japan, Korea. The characteristic of hot pot is spicy. It is very spicy and delicious.

hot pot seasoning cubes

Not every restaurant can make tasty spicy flavor, and it is very complicated to make spicy flavor, you need enough time to study and research to make it of your own style. To ensure the stability and for convenient, there are many manufacturers who produce spicy seasoning cubes for restaurants, we can call this hot pot seasoning cubes.

Hot pot seasoning cubes is different from normal seasoning cubes used in dishes. It is full of chilli, hot pepper, chilly oil and other spicy ingredients. It is packed in plastic bags. One bag of spicy seasoning cube is about 100 g and can make enough hot pot for 3 people.

Now, you can find, spicy seasoning cubes is a very important factor to hot pot restaurant, it decides whether the hot pot is delicious enough. The food people eat for hot pot is usually beef roll, mutton roll, mushroom, potato, tofu, etc. Put fresh beef roll in a spicy, boiling hot pot, it will be well done very soon, take it out to eat, it taste hot and spicy, it’s really very delicious!

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