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beef seasoning blends

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According with the becoming of chicken powder on the market, beef powder is also slowly coming into people’s life. Beef powder enrich people’s dining table, it is used to enhance beef flavor for dishes or soups.

Similar as chicken powder, beef powder is also a kind of mixed seasoning powder. The ingredients of beef powder and chicken powder are almost the same except the difference of chicken and beef. They all contain MSG, salt, spicy as main materials.

Beef powder is widely used to enhance beef flavor, it is not just used for meals. You may be familiar with beef flavor chips, biscuits, instant noodles, etc.

beef powderbeef  spinach soup

Here is one recipe to make beef flavor spinach soup

Main material: spinach 200 g, dry tofu 100 g, rice noodles 100 g

Auxiliary material: proper salt, beef powder 1/2 spoon

Step one: cut the root of spinach off and wash it carefully, then cut it to 2 cm long.

Step two: put water in the pot, after boiling, put spinach into it and keep for 4 minutes, then take it out. This step is to move oxalic acid out of spinach. At the same time, dip rice noodles in boiling water to soft.

Step three: cut the dry tofu to 3 cm wire.

Step four: put water, rice noodles, dry tofu and spinach into water. After it is boiling, add salt and beef powder. Keep boiling for 2 minutes.

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