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Application of onion powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-03

In traditional Chinese food, people do not use onion powder so often. Spray dried onion powder is most often used in food industry, such as western fast food, spicy sauces, biscuits and others. Well in the international market, spray dried onion powder is widely used in bread, pasta, biscuits, etc; spray dried onion powder is a kind of vegetable powder raw material, it can be used in health products; it also can be used in medicine products because its medical benefits.

spray dried onion powder

The following is three formulas of different snacks which involve spray dried onion powder, it can help you understand how to use spray dried onion powder and where it can be used.

1.       The formula of pringles chips: dry potato chips, vegetable oil (corn oil, cotton seed oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil), rice powder, starch, malt-dextrin, skim milk, salt, whey, coconut oil, spray dried onion powder, glucose, white sugar, cream.

2.       Aji cookies: wheat starch, palm oil, sugar, swelling agent, cream, spray dried onion powder, glucose, seasoning, artificial spicy.

3.       NongShim onion circle: wheat starch, refine vegetable oil, starch, potato, spray dried onion powder, onion flavor seasoning blends, white sugar, onion spicy, food additives.

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