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Garlic and shrimp flavor pasta

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-03

Use shrimp stock cube and spray dried garlic powder to make pasta, it will be full of shrimp flavor and garlic flavor. People who like these two flavors will love this recipe so much!


1, pasta 200 g

2, spray dried garlic powder 2 spoons

3, 2 dry chili

4, 8 shrimp, one shrimp stock cube

5, proper refine olive oil

6, proper salt and black pepper

The steps of making garlic and shrimp pasta:

1, stew the pasta in boiling water which contains one and a half salt in it to well done.

2, while stew the pasta, cut up the cry chili.

3, peel the shrimp, do not throw the shell away.

4, heat your pot on low flame and then put one spoon olive oil in it to cook the shrimp shell. Add proper water which was used to stew pasta in step 1 and the shrimp stock cube to make shrimp soup.

5, take the shell out and put the shrimp soup in a bowl, and wash the pot.

6, put proper olive oil in the pot again with the dry chili, add the shrimp in it and cook it to medium well, and then take the shrimp out.

7, put the pasta which was stewed to well done before into the pot, add the shrimp soup in it and cook it with the chili and add proper black pepper powder and spray dried garlic powder in it.

8, when the soup is reduced by half, put the shrimp in it and cook till the soup is dry, then you can put it in a dish and eat it after it is cool.

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