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Quality of seasoning cubes

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-04

Seasoning cubes, according to its name, it is a kind of seasoning made from pureed soup. It has special flavor like chicken flavor stock cube, beef flavor stock cube and shrimp flavor stock cube. Add specific flavor seasoning cube in your dishes or soups you can get the flavor you want.

seasoning cubes

The ingredients in seasoning cubes is similar as chicken powder, the ingredients in chicken stock cube is the same as chicken powder. The judgment for seasoning cubes quality is also the same as chicken powder. Seasoning cubes of good quality, such as chicken stock cube or beef stock cube are using chicken powder or beef powder as main material. To lower the cost, some manufacturers would use chicken flavor essence instead of chicken powder, though they both have chicken flavor, but the effects are different. Chicken stock cube made of chicken powder, the flavor is more natural and heavier than the ones used artificial essence.

The methods to tell good quality seasoning cubes from the bad ones are very simple. Just read the tag on the package carefully and figure out if it contains artificial essence. The other simple way is to compare their prices. Good quality seasoning cubes are more expensive than the bad ones.

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