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Chinese food ingredients supplier

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-05

There are many food ingredients suppliers in China. Because of the history and dietary habits of Chinese, the food ingredients suppliers in China have formed their own characteristics.

The main products of Chinese food ingredients suppliers are the ingredients with Chinese characteristics like soy sauce powder, rice vinegar powder and some traditional herbs. Different region supplies different food ingredients due to the economic and eating habits there. Such as European food ingredients suppliers mainly supply milk ingredients, while India and some African food ingredients suppliers mainly supply their traditional spices.

In the international trade, the cooperative partners of Chinese food ingredients suppliers are mainly Korean, Japanese, Russian, Turkey and other Asians. This is because the close geographic position forms the similar dietary culture. However with the development of information globalization, some Europeans start to accept Chinese eating habits and many European clients start to build long-term cooperate relationship with Chinese food ingredients suppliers.

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