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Application of HVP powder in soy sauce

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-08

HVP powder is widely used in seasoning. Take mixed soy sauce powder as an example, HVP powder is the main ingredient in it.

HVP powder

There are natural fermented soy sauce and mixed soy sauce. The amino acid nitrogen concentration of mixed soy sauce with HVP powder in it is much higher than natural fermented soy sauce, so the mixed soy sauce has a strong umami flavor. However, mixed soy sauce does not have so much sauce smell as natural fermented soy sauce.

The quality of mixed soy sauce with HVP powder in it is not worse than natural fermented soy sauce. The protein concentration in HVP powder which use soybean, corn, wheat as raw material is very high and easy to digest. In the aspect of price, mixed soy sauce with HVP powder is lower than natural fermented soy sauce.

Now, there are some small factories who use low quality raw material to produce HVP powder. This HVP powder is very cheap and the flavor is not so good. Some factories may use HAP powder which is made from hair to take place of HVP powder.

The key point which controls the quality of HVP powder is 3-MCPD. When producing HVP powder, residues of fat can react with HCl and form 3-MCPD. It is harmful to human body. High quality HVP powder contains low concentration 3-MCPD. The quality of HVP powder of our company can meet European standard, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our HVP powder and can use it in mixed soy sauce freely.

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