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How to use chicken stock cube

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chicken stock cube

It is very easy to use chicken stock cube, add it directly to your soups or dissolve it in hot water and put it in your dishes. Generally, the rate is one cup of water to one chicken stock cube. All brands have their own instruction on the package. For example, one chicken stock cube of Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd. is 10 g, you can dissolve it in 1.5 L water. If you like strong flavor, you can add more seasoning cubes. You maybe need about 5 chicken stock cubes when cooking a pot of chicken soup. Remember to add less salt when you use so many cubes because the cubes already contain enough salt, this is all depends on your taste.

If you are worry about the safety of the chicken stock cube in the market, you can make your own cubes. Just put a chicken in your pot and cover it with water. Put enough salt, MSG, pepper, onions, ginger and other vegetables you like in the pot. Simmer it until it is thick. Get the solid ingredients out and skim the water out. Cool the rest of the soup and put it in your refrigerator after it congeals.

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