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Stew pork ribs in pumpkin

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-16

This pork ribs in pumpkin is very delicious, tasty pork ribs and soft and sweet pumpkin, it is both tasty and nourishing.

Main materials: one pumpkin   500 g pork ribs   one spoon rice flour

Seasoning: proper salt, one ginger, one spoon cooking wine, one green onion


1, cut the green onion and ginger into small piece; wash the pork ribs carefully and then put it in a bowl; put the cooking wine, salt, green onion and ginger pieces into the bowl to salt the pork ribs for about 20 minutes.

2, put the rice flour into the bowl and fully stir, make the pork ribs be covered with rice flour and then put them into steamer and steam it for 30 minutes with big fire.

3, dig the pumpkin carefully.

4, mix the steamed pork ribs with pumpkin for about 20 minutes.

5, decorate your pork ribs in pumpkin with green onion on the top. Then it is done!

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