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What is onion powder

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onion powder

Onion powder is dehydrated or spray dried onion in powder form. It can be widely used in the recipes which need onion as onion replacement. Though the flavor of onion powder is not the same as fresh onion, it is still a practical replacement. It will help you out with the strong smell when you are cut fresh onion, also onion powder can save you a lot time of preparation if you are in a hurry.

The following are the advantages of onion powder compare with fresh onions

1, onion powder is easier to transport. It is light and much small in size that you can fit it in a small bottle.

2, if you choose onion powder, you don’t have to add oil when cooking

3, save your eyes from tearing when slicing and chopping.

If you run out of powder, try these alternatives:

One medium onion is equal to one tablespoon of powder

One tablespoon of onion flakes is equal to one teaspoon of powder.

Feel free to use onion powder in your pasta, pizza and soup.

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