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Use soy sauce in meat

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-23

soy sauce powder

Soy sauce made from rich protein crop like soybean, wheat, corn and others. Through fermentation and extraction process you get liquid soy sauce. Classified by the way it produced, there are natural fermented soy sauce, artificial fermented soy sauce and chemical fermented soy sauce. Soy sauce contains a lot of amino acid and is an important salty seasoning in meat products. The effects of soy sauce in meat products are: firstly, give the meat salty and fresh flavor; secondly, color the meat to brown through Maillard reaction; thirdly, soy sauce has a special fragrance which will make meat products taste special; fourthly, soy sauce can remove bad smell of meat products.

The usage of soy sauce depends on the place and the products. People in different place have different appetite that demands how much soy sauce should be used in different products. In general, people use natural fermented soy sauce in meat products, the concentration is above 22Be, and the salt concentration is not over 18%.

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