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Chicken powder without chicken

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-25

chicken powder

Most of Asian have a bag of chicken powder in their kitchen, it is involved in almost all of Asian’s meals. But have you ever go through the tag on chicken powder?

While, when you look at it, you will find that there is no chicken in most of chicken powder. What a surprise, right? They have the picture of chicken on the package, and call it chicken powder, but there is no real chicken in it! You may find that the ingredients of chicken powder are always salt, food additives, sugar, starch, yeast, onion powder but only without chicken.

Well, maybe it’s big news for you, but not for the manufacturers, they have already got used to it. Because the affect of the chicken to chicken powder flavor is not so impressive, so many manufacturers have used chicken spice instead of chicken for many years.

Fortunately , the law in our country demands all of the manufacturers to label their ingredients right on the tag. So just read the tag carefully before you buy it, any chicken powder without chicken should not be in your basket.

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