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Food ingredients for instant noodle

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-05

There are many kinds of food ingredients in instant noodle seasoning bag. Many people eat instant noodles very often now, especially the office worker, but not many people what kind of food ingredients are there in the seasoning bag.

You may think the ingredient in pork flavor instant noodle is dried pork seasoning powder, but no, it’s not like what you think! It’s blend seasoning with various ingredients in it, like soy sauce powder, HVP powder and rice vinegar powder.

The manufacturers blend different kinds of white powder together to create a certain flavor, this is so called “discover of flavor” and “secret of flavor”.

If you want to change pork flavor to soy sauce flavor, then you just need use soy sauce powder to replace pork spice.

Similar as instant noodles, the ingredients in snacks are also blended. They are made by the similar ingredients like soy sauce powder, spray dried garlic powder or spray dried onion powder. You can say that potato chips or corn chips are just potato or corn with blended seasoning.

According to the report, some of the chemical ingredients in instant noodles are harmful to human body, so we try to avoid eating instant noodles, however, but we didn’t try to avoid eating these harmful ingredients. These ingredients are in our kitchen, puffed food, meat products, etc.

However, natural ingredients are not harmful, like natural fermented rice vinegar powder, soy sauce powder, etc. You use it freely according to your taste.

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