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Garlic flavor sausage

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-06

garlic flavor sausage

Materials: pork 600g, garlic powder 40g, garlic cloves 3, casing 1, salt 1 spoon, sugar 1 spoon, cooking wine 1 spoon, soy sauce powder half spoon, five spice powder proper, pepper powder proper.


1, wash the pork carefully and mince it.

2, mince the garlic cloves.

3, put the minced pork and minced garlic in a bowl, add all the garlic powder and other seasonings into it too, fully stir.

4, put the meat in your refrigerator and keep 30 minutes.

5, at the mean time, dip the casing in water, and clean it carefully.

6, take out the casing, remove the water.

7, take the minced meat out and put it into the casing.

8, dry the sausage in a windy place for about 2 hours, then it’s done!

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