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Production of spray dried garlic powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-12

The principle of spray dried garlic powder is using mechanical strength, namely pressure or centrifugal strength, through spray scatter to make the garlic into fog emulsion droplet ( diameter 10-15 um) form. This will increase the surface area very much and then the droplet is sent to hot wind room and the water in it is evaporated in a few seconds (0.01-0.04), and then the liquid garlic become into powder form. The powder drops down to the bottom of the wind room and the water is taken out with the hot wind. In a sequential production process, the whole process just takes 10-30 seconds, so it has little damage to the flavor, nutrition and else to garlic.

spray dried garlic powder

The advantage of spray dried garlic powder is:

1, the high production rate: the liquid garlic is made into fog emulsion droplet in spray scatter, the specific surface area of which can reach to about 300 m2 which lead the high speed of heat exchanging, the spray dried garlic powder can be produced in a few seconds.

2, during the process, the temperature of droplet is not so high and the whole process is very quick, so the spray dried garlic powder keeps its flavor, smell and nutrition to an extreme.

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