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Chinese seasoning market

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-14

The update of seasoning market is very quickly, some traditional seasoning like soy sauce, vinegar, MSG, etc. has already been replaced by some new, high-end products such as very fresh soy sauce powder, cooking rice vinegar powder and chicken powder. From the international seasoning market trend, we can see that natural seasoning is gradually taking more market share than the artificial seasoning.

The different kinds of seasoning:

1, high grade seasoning

2, various instant food seasoning powder and soup

3, mixed seasoning

4, various seafood seasonings

5, various leisure food food ingredients

6, west food seasoning

Though the Chinese seasoning market is different from the national seasoning market, but with the opening of the whole world business, Chinese seasoning market will be affected by the national business which leads more output.

From 2001 to 2010, the sales volume of seasoning industry increase from 277.23 billion to 1516.22 billion, the growth rate of each year is about 50%!

In the international trade, high grade Chinese traditional seasoning like soy sauce powder and rice vinegar powder are well received by the overseas clients, these natural food ingredients will keep gaining more reputation.

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