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Spicy and hot flavor

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-14

spray dried garlic powderspray dried onion powder

Spray dried garlic powder and onion powder is often used in spicy and hot flavors. The main flavor of leisure food like potato chips, rice crispy is spicy and hot. The flour products like instant noodles, meat flavor products are always contain certain amount of spray dried garlic powder and spray dried onion powder.

Most people like garlic or onion flavor, also they will make the spicy flavor last longer. For example, if you add proper spray dried garlic powder to the surface of your potato chips, the special garlic flavor will last in your mouth for longer time.

While for spray dried onion powder, it is often used in some meat products like beef, fish, chicken, etc. to remove the bad smell they give out. Spray dried onion powder is often blended with chili powder, pepper powder or five spicy powder and then sprayed to the surface of the snacks. It tastes just like fresh onion, and makes the onion flavor snacks very popular among onion flavor lovers.

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