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Mixed flavor

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-15

As a kind of seasoning, mixed flavor can enhance the umami and fresh flavor in home cooking and food industry. There are two main kinds of mixed flavor: one used in home cooking in small and medium-sized packaging, such as several dozens or hundreds of grams;other one is used in food industry packed 10 kg/bag.

There are single flavor agent and mixed flavor. Single flavor like MSG, IMP or GMP; mixed flavor like chicken powder, compound beef powder. There are many kinds of mixed flavor, like various kinds of seasoning cubes such as chicken stock cube, beef stock cube and shrimp stock cube. In Japanese super market, there are bonito fine, seaweed essence, mushroom essence, etc. There are many kinds of flavor in food industry, they are designed to be applied in different products. With the rapid development of food industry in China, especially the development of instant noodles, the yield of meat and aquatic extract rising year by year.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd. is a professional food ingredients and seasoning supplier. Our products like soy sauce powder, HVP powder, chicken powder, etc. are all natural flavor which can be widely used in different products.

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