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The production and application of HVP powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-16

HVP powder

HVP powder is widely used in chemical and food industry. In food industry, it is used as a kind of seasoning and mainly used in soy sauce and pickles. In the recent years, according with the development of food industry, especially the development of instant noodles, the yield of HVP powder is increasing year by year. The pure HVP powder products such as “very fresh taste”, “delicious fresh taste” and “fresh drops” are sold in some big cities of China like Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan, etc. and become a goodish seasoning on people’s dining table.

There is still no industrial standard for HVP powder in China, but in Japan, there is a strict standard about it which is JAS. In JAS, it is explicitly stipulated that when used in soy sauce, HVP powder can only be used in new brewed way produced soy sauce.

When used in soy sauce powder, the most important of HVP powder is the smell, there must not be bad smell in it. So, in the production, deodorization is a very important process. Now, high nitrogen HVP powder has been used in many kinds of soy sauce and seasoning.

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