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Chicken powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-08-22

chicken powder

1, definition

Chicken powder is made of chicken paste, chicken oil, chicken egg, etc., these are the main food ingredients in chicken powder. Mix the main ingredients with salt, sugar, MSG, spices, I+G and other seasoning, via smashing and drying process, we get chicken powder.

2, characteristics

Chicken powder is the third fresh flavor seasoning (first is MSG, second MSG I+G). Chicken powder has a special chicken flavor and the special MSG flavor.

3, compare with MSG

MSG is soluble in water, it is added to dishes when it’s almost well done. When heated in water for a long time, some of it will lose water and form pyroglutamic sodium. Pyroglutamic sodium is not harmful to human body, but it doesn’t have fresh flavor. The usage of MSG is very easy, you can use it at any step of cooking.

MSG is a single seasoning, it only contains sodium glutamate, while chicken powder is a compound seasoning, it contains many kinds of food ingredients, chicken powder has both fresh flavor and chicken flavor. 40% of chicken powder is MSG.

4, Chinese chicken powder market

In China, there are more than 1000 companies which produce chicken powder, the yield of chicken powder is 150 thousand ton. Most of these companies are in south-east of China. The increasing rate of sales volume of chicken powder is 20% every year. Recently, there is a big problem in this industry – some chicken powder doesn’t contain chicken. To solve this problem, China has made a new standard: the chloride content of chicken powder should be less than 40%, nitrogen should be no less than 3%.

The following is the new standard:

MSG (%) ≧35

I+G (%)  ≧1.1

Chloride (by CP, %) ≦40

Total nitrogen (by N, %) ≧3

5, chicken powder of Hensin industry

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd. supply high quality chicken powder, below is the main materials and process of our chicken powder.

Main materials: pure chicken powder, MSG, salt, yeast powder, yolk powder

Process: materials – mixing up – making into granules – drying – packing – inspecting – product.

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