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The details you should write on European food tag

Number of visits: Date:2013-09-04

On European food tag, you should write the following items:

Product name

Food ingredients list

Dry substance

Name and address of the company

Shelf life

Store conditions


Exemption requirements

1, product name

Use the standard name. If there is no standard name then use the local name. The product name should not contain the words which would mislead consumer misunderstand the function of the product.

2, food ingredients list

List all the ingredients used in the product after the word “ingredients”. List the ingredients by the quality, put high quality ingredients at previous. Use the standard name of the ingredients.

You are allowed not list the following food ingredients:

Fresh vegetable and fruits

Carbonated water

Fermentation vinegars such as rice vinegar powder or brewed white vinegar powder

Cheese, butter, milk and fermented cream

3, dry substance

The units of liquid products are l and ml, the units of other products are g and kg.

Write the net weight of the dry substance on the food tag.

4, name and address of the company

Write down the name and address of the manufacturer or packaging company or the distributor in Europe.

5, place of origin or provenance

Some time you should write down the place of origin or provenance on the food tag.

6, shelf life

Write down the shelf life and the condition of it.

7, usage

8, nutrition tag

Write down the nutrition on the food tag, such as calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, etc.

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