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Diet custom of different countries

Number of visits: Date:2013-09-05

1, Japanese diet custom

Japanese people like to eat light flavor food, the staple food there is rice. They eat soy sauce a lot because they like fresh but not salty food. The most famous soy sauce company Kikkoman sells a lot of soy sauce powder to the world every year. Japanese people like to eat fresh fish with mustard. Japanese people like to eat high protein content food like tofu, eggs, etc.

2, Singapore diet custom

Singaporean people like to eat Guangdong food and western food like cooked fish, shrimp, curry beef and fried fish, etc. The staple food there is rice and steamed stuffed bun. They like peaches, pears and other fresh fruit.

3, India diet custom

The staple food of India is Indian baked pancake and curry rice. Indian people like to eat curry. There are many kinds of seasoning in India such as spray dried garlic powder, curry, etc. Indian people don’t eat beef and drink wine, but they drink tea. They also don’t eat mushroom.

4, Thai food custom

The staple food of Thailand is rice. They eat a lot of fish and vegetables. Thai people like to eat Sichuan food because they like chilly flavor. Fish sauce and chili is the most often used seasoning.

5, Chinese diet custom

Chinese people like to eat rice and wheat. There are many kinds of food in China. Chinese people like to eat pork, chicken, beef and many other meat products. Chinese people also eat a lot of seasoning. Chicken powder is very important for Chinese people, almost every family would prepare a bag of chicken powder in their kitchen. Rice vinegar is also a very important seasoning for us, Chinese people export a lot of rice vinegar powder to other countries in the world.

6, African diet custom

Seasoning is very important for African people, they like to eat different kinds of seasoning such like curry, chili, pepper, garlic, etc. Seasoning cubes are hot sell in African market, there are many Chinese supplier export chicken stock cube, beef stock cube, shrimp stock cube, etc. to Africa.

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