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Don’t be fooled by the name

Number of visits: Date:2013-09-10

Do you know that lot of chicken powder you buy from the market is without chicken? Similarly, there is much milky tea without milk in the market. It’s just a game about name, the manufacturers add some kind of food additives to mimic the flavor of milk or meat or some flavor else, but they never use the real raw materials in food ingredients.

Look at the tag of your chicken powder, there are dozens of food ingredients listed on the tag, but

you can only find one ingredient which is related to chicken, it may be chicken powder, dry

chicken powder or chicken oil or even chicken extract, however, you never know the proportion

of all the abovementioned ingredients in the whole products. There is news about chicken powder, in Guangdong province, the consumer council had done an experiment about chicken powder, they found that lots of chicken powder contains none of chicken, some of the manufacturers even use salt and starch as substitute. Though there is no chicken in the product, they would still use chicken powder as it’s name and use the picture of chicken on the package.

The same game is also played in milky tea. The price of one cup of milky tea is about 2-3 dollars, but look at the ingredients in it, there are sugar, non-dairy creamer, oil, emulgator, etc. but nothing is related with milk.

Be careful about the food you are buying, they may not sound like what they are. Look at the tag carefully and you’ll find the truth.

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