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Hensin industry OEM/ODM process service—your best choice

Number of visits: Date:2013-04-11

With the perfect factory and sevice system, you will never regret for choosing Hensin industry CO., Ltd. As we know, there is a variety of flavors and odors, different region even different person have their own demands to the food ingredients and condiment, so it is very hard to get the exact product in market you need, but you do not need worry, Hensin Industry is here for you forever.

It is very simple to work with us. Let us know what you need—just send a sample of product you want. We have done food ingredients and condiment business for over 10 years, with rich experence and most professional knowledge we will copy the product perfectly.

 decolored HVP powderbeef stock cubeinstant soy sauce powder

The following is how Hensin Industry do OEM/ODM process service:

Analysis of customers’ demands and development of products. With 10 years’ experence, Hensin Industry has established cooperate relationship with authority domestic and Korean technologic enterprises for a long time, we can copy the product precise.

Selection of suitable domestic manufacturer. During this ten more years, we have maintain a healthy and friendly cooperate relationship with a lot of big factories, we will select the most suitable manufacturer for you.


Research of raw materials and tracing its roots to ensure the safety. To ensure all of our products be of safety and high quality, we set up a tracking system of raw materials.

Supervision of whole process of production to ensure quality. Hensin Industry is a company of high responsibility, we supervise the whole process of production ourselves.

Reduction of product and procurement cost for customers. We have control the product from the resource to the whole process, we know how to cut the cost at every single step.

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