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soy sauce powder

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Soy sauce powder

Soy sauce is a kind of seasoning which is often used in ChineseJapanese and Korean cuisines. It can enhance the typical umami flavor of foods

Since liquid soy sauce is very inconvenient to transport during trading, so soy sauce powder comes up. Soy sauce powder is dried soy sauce, compare to soy sauce, it has the following advantages:

1, soy sauce powder is very convenient to transport, just put it in the bag and no worry about leaking.

2, lower price. Tax for powered soy sauce is lower than liquid soy sauce, so the price of soy sauce powder will be lower.

3, long shelf life.

4, the price of transporting soy sauce powder is much lower than liquid soy sauce

Usage: we have two kinds of soy sauce powder, one is instant soy sauce powder, for cooking dishes. You can just add proper water into it to make liquid soy sauce. The other one is soy sauce powder, which is used as food ingredients in snacks, instant noodles, etc.

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