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How to buy good soy sauce

Number of visits: Date:2013-05-15

Soy sauce, using soybeans, starch, wheat, salt as raw material, is made through fermentation. The ingredients of soy sauce is complicated, it contain 17 amino acid, salt, sugar, acids, color and fragrance. It has a special umami flavor and can improve the color and flavor of the dishes. It is very popular among Asian.

Generally, good quality soy sauce should have dark color and thick density, however this principle is not always suitable in the market, because some evil manufacturer would add caramel and xanthan gum to it. As we know, caramel is carcinogenic.

So, how should we buy soy sauce?

There are three process to buy good quality soy sauce. Firstly, you need read the tag carefully and find out if it is instant or used as cooking. Instant soy sauce can be eaten directly and used in salad.

Secondly, smell it. Fermented soy sauce has very nice ester fragrance. So if it smells foul, it is not good soy sauce.

Thirdly, check the color. Good soy sauce should have dark color, but if the color is too dark, it may be added caramel.

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