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Soy sauce powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-05-23

Soy sauce powder is spray dried from liquid soy sauce. We can see, the quality of soy sauce powder mostly depends on the liquid soy sauce. Generally, natural fermented soy sauce is of high quality not only because the fragrance it has but also because the high nutrition value. Soy sauce powder get the same nutrition value from liquid soy sauce, it contains kinds of amino acid which human need, minerals especially selenium which can prevent you from cancer.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd produce two kinds of soy sauce powder on general, one is food ingredient used in snacks, puffed products, the other one is instant soy sauce powder, which can be eaten by human directly. Compare to liquid soy sauce, soy sauce powder has so much advancement such as lower tax and lower transportation cost both which led to lower price.

There are many drying ways to make liquid soy sauce to soy sauce powder, but the most popular way is spray drying because of the hygiene. Spray dried soy sauce powder has a little TPC, this is very important in food products. After spray drying, soy sauce powder of better flavor should be encapsulated to keep the typical fragrance.

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