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how to use garlic powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-05-28

China has a large capacity of garlic which is about 1/4 of the world’s. Garlic has a high nutrition value and also good taste. People use a lot of garlic in different way, such as made it into garlic powder and add to snacks, eat directly without any cooking process, add it to dishes.

In the internet business process, fresh garlic is not easy to preserve and transport, so it comes to garlic powder. We have to say that garlic powder has brought us too many conveniences both in business and using. It expands the way people use it, we can put garlic powder directly on snacks, puffed foods, we also can add it to a piece of bread, to delicious dishes.

Garlic powder, as a kind of food ingredient, can be widely used in food products such as biscuits, cookies, potato chips, hams, sausages, etc. Garlic powder is also involved in most cuisines, such as Chinese food, India food, Mexican food, etc. Garlic powder is also widely used in animal feed products, it helps to reduce the toxicity of other materials.

Pizza with garlic powder in it:

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