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Where is the best vinegar powder supplier

Number of visits: Date:2013-05-29

Vinegar is earliest invented by ancient Chinese people. In ancient China, Dukang invented wine, while his son invented vinegar with the waste material of wine. The characteristic of Chinese vinegar powder supply is that they usually use grain as main material. Now, the technology of vinegar production has been spread all over the world.

One of the main products of Shanghai Hensin Industry is vinegar powder. We have rice vinegar powder, mature vinegar powder, balsamic vinegar powder, etc. Our vinegar powder is mostly used as food ingredients in snacks, puffed products, seasoning bags, etc.

Shanghai Hensin Industry is a reliable vinegar powder supplier, the main material of our products is grain, we can provide OEM service and private labeling service. With rich experience and our perfect supply chain, we can offer you the most competitive price.

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