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Chinese seasoning export to Africa

Number of visits: Date:2013-06-25

The seasoning made in China are mostly to meet the Chinese appetite. On the exporting, Chinese seasoning are main exported to Southeast Asia such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc, this is because the food culture of these country are very close to Chinese.

According to the customs data of these two months, we can figure that Africa is a big market for Chinese seasoning. In the top exporter country of Chinese seasoning, five of them are African country, they are Nigeria, Guinea, Togo, Benin and Ghana.

Well, if you want export Chinese seasoning to Africa, you must consider their culture. Due to the weather, culture, religion and history, African have form their own food culture. In Africa, people eat spices, vegetable and fruit a lot. There are various spices, vegetable and fruit there. They get used to mix them and cook them.

In the dietary habit, Chinese is very different with African which lead to the different demands of seasoning. Chinese fermented bean curd, cook wine and spice sauces is still unfamiliar in Africa, and Chinese people are also not familiar to African spices.

Seeing the difference of the food culture between Chinese seasoning with African seasoning, many manufacturer start to produce seasoning for African. For instance, seasoning cubes, African like to use seasoning cubes to cook different dishes. Now many Chinese manufacturer produce seasoning cubes according African market, Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd is one of them.

With the development of African economy, the needs of seasoning in African market is bigger and bigger, Chinese manufacturer should learn the seasoning difference between China and Africa and develop the seasoning for African to get more market.

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