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What is in seasoning bag

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-02

The main food ingredients and seasoning in instant noodles seasoning bags are soy sauce powder, vinegar powder, HVP powder, chicken powder, beef powder, MSG and other things. These are essential seasonings in our life, we use it in soups, dishes, noodles, snacks, etc. Blend these seasonings in different proportion you can get different flavors.

instant noodle seasoning bags

In general, there are three seasoning bags in instant noodles. First is salty bag. It mainly contains chicken powder, compound beef powder, fresh salt and MSG. It can form salty and fresh flavor. Second is dry vegetable bag. It mainly contains dehydrated vegetable like carrot, cabbage and onion. Some companies may put a little small dry meat cubes in it. Third is sauce bag. the mainly food ingredients in this bag is soy sauce powder, chili oil, pepper powder, chicken powder and others to form a half solid sauce. This seasoning bag is very important to instant noodles because it form the main flavor. In different flavor instant noodles (such as chili flavor, chicken flavor, mushroom flavor), the ingredients in seasoning bag are also different.

These seasonings in different proportion form the different flavors and so there are so many kinds of instant noodles in the markets, people can choose whatever they want.

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