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As a professional food ingredients supplier, Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd has go through a lot of troubles and finally gets a good reputation among our clients.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd

The CEO of our company was taking an important position in some Chinese and Korean food ingredients suppliers before he established our company. With rich experience and the most professional knowledge, he became famous slowly in food ingredients industry. Seeing the situation clearly, he found his own food ingredients supplier—Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd.

When the company opened, the main products of are only soy sauce powder and HVP powder. To gain more market quickly, we decide to cut cost in every means but without change our quality. Due to our high quality and low price, we get trust and support from our clients soon. With the development of our company, we increased our products. Now spray dried powder is our feature product. We supply spray dried garlic powder, spray dried onion powder, spray dried pumpkin powder, rice vinegar powder and so on.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd fully understand the important of cooperation and mutual benefits, we have built friendly cooperation relationship with many food ingredients manufacturers. We are share holder of 3 large factory in China and we have our own research team in Korea to keep up with the top technology. We have the most advanced productivity and technology, we are the most professional food ingredients supplier in China.

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