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Kinds of soy sauce powder

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-09

According to the production process, soy sauce powder can be divided into three kinds: solid-state fermentation with low salt, liquid-state fermentation with high salt, spraying-extraction.

instant soy sauce powdersoy sauce powder

1.  Solid-state fermentation with low salt. The output of this kind of soy sauce powder is the largest in China. It is made by Maillard reaction and then through microencapsulation and spray drying process. The characteristics of this soy sauce powder are the proper concentration of amino acid and the standout sauce flavor and caramel flavor.

2.  Liquid-state fermentation with high salt. This kind of soy sauce powder is also called Japanese soy sauce powder. The salt concentration of this soy sauce powder is more than 18%. It has strong mellow and easter flavor, so it is also called easter flavor soy sauce powder. 

3, Spraying extraction soy sauce powder. This kind of soy sauce powder is spray dried by in pond fermented soy sauce. The production condition of this kind soy sauce powder is between solid-state fermentation with low salt and liquid state fermentation with high salt. The characteristics of it are its high amino acid concentration and the standout fresh flavor.

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