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Chinese rice vinegar supplier

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rice vinegar powder

Rice vinegar powder is a kind of  seasoning flavor. It is used as food ingredients in salty snacks, salad dressing, pickled products, spicy sauces, meat items, etc. Rice vinegar is mainly produced by Chinese manufacturers or we can say the output of Chinese rice vinegar powder is the largest in the world. It is very easy to understand because rice vinegar is invented by ancient wisdom Chinese.
Now the usage of vinegar has been spread to all the world, so China, the original rice vinegar producing country becomes the largest rice vinegar output country. To make the transportation of vinegar between different countries easier, manufacturers spray dry vinegar to vinegar powder. Actually, rice vinegar powder do have a lot advantages compare to liquid vinegar. The price of vinegar powder is much lower than liquid vinegar. This is because the tariff of vinegar powder is much lower than liquid vinegar and the transportation charge for vinegar powder is lower than liquid vinegar.

Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd has been focusing on producing rice vinegar powder for more than 10 years. We are share holder of 3 large factories in China. Our output of spray dried rice vinegar powder is about 3500 tons every year.

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